A season to remember

With presentation day now behind I reflected on the achievements of the Kestrels team last season.
We may not have won the league or been in a cup final but, after the start of season move around and players moving teams, the Kestrels started from scratch again.

Kestrels 2013-14With 4 original players, 7 new players and 1 moving down a team, and add into the mix a new coach, it was going to be challenging. The season started with a struggle, 5 matches against 5 top teams despite the efforts we lost 14-0, 12-0, 1-0, 10-1 and 8-0, but the boys kept coming back pushing themselves to improve. We were entered into U10’s Pool C. Teams of similar ability and the next 12 games they were a different team with 4 wins 2 draws and 6 losses and to top it off a clean sheet in our final match a record that I was very proud considering the start to the season they had.
It showed to me that it’s not only the ability of the players you have, but the commitment and attitude that makes a team grow together. Having 12 players might seem a lot for 7 a side, but it gave me options when attending matches. The kestrels also had 4 training only players that regularly attended making sessions easier to plan and create a happy playing and learning environment.

All the hard work was backed up with 12 sets of supportive parents, David Millbery (Club Mentor), Chad (Club Professional Coach) for all his advice, Andrew Shaw, Mark Roberts & Lucy for all the Admin for the Ambassadors league. Graham & Daniel May for joining the coaching team, and the committee for support, kit and pitches. It truly topped off my first season in charge.

Standing on stage I was proud to talk about the boys I’d help coach into budding young footballers seeing them receive their medals and awards. I was also a wonderful moment when Graham received an award for his commitment to the club and charity work. Then to receive the Endeavour trophy myself, my first ever footballing award which was a shock but made my weekend

So onto next season new players joining, 9 aside football, bigger pitches the offside rule but the same principle pure enjoyment in football for everyone weather you win, lose or draw

Clive Wilkins – Kestrels Team

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