Introduction Girls Football

Introduction to Girls Football


I joined Droitwich Spa Football Club in the summer of 2012. I have played football since I was 5 years old for various clubs but this one is by far the best. The reason I like to go to Droitwich is because there is lots of lovely people there and the coaches make training really interesting. I joined with Abby and Laura from my old club and we all fitted in really quickly as everyone is so friendly.

I like to play football because when I was very little I used to love watching it like I still do today. My favourite teams are Chelsea, Luton Town and Kidderminster Harriers and I have been to lots of grounds including

Wembley, Man. United ,Man City , Sheffield Wednesday and United, Chelsea Luton and Kidderminster and been a match mascot twice. I have played football since I saw my dad coaching teams when I was little.

My first game for Droitwich  was against  Evesham , I played in defence with Emma , our captain, we scored lots of goals and won 15-0 , not one of my busy games . I had one of my best games when I played in midfield when we got through to the next round of the cup winning 3-1 away at Evesham. I recently nearly scored my first goal and I have got a goal celebration ready when it does happen. My best skills I think are passing and organising positions.

Melissa Causer, Droitwich Spa Under 11 Girls, Midfield / Defender

RebeccaWhen I had my first ever football training session, I didn’t feel very confident. But thanks to Mark and Elise Wheatley I have become much more confident with football. Last season I was one of the youngest ones and I only scored one goal. At the end of that season I had the choice to either carry on with the U11s or stay in the U10s, I chose to stay in the U10s. I had a new coach called Sam. Sam and Mark have been really helpful and they have really inspired my future, they have helped me to become a better footballer. I have scored 18 goals this season out of 8 matches. I feel really happy to play for Droitwich Spa FC. I like waking up early on a Saturday morning ready for the match ahead! I also like having great football mates. We all work hard for each other and they help me by passing the ball to set a goal up for me.

Name: Rebecca Finch, Droitwich Spa Coyotes Under 11’s





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